Welcome to Oliver Avenue South; Our newest remodel project!  The Oliver house was built in 1945 and is such diamond in the rough!  I am so excited to get my hands dirty with this one. When we are completed (hopefully spring 2019) it will be a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house.  Yippie!

One of my favorite parts about closing day is meeting the previous owner(s) and hearing about the history and stories about the house we are purchasing.  We aren’t your typical buy and flip group, our intent is to remodel the home with it’s history in mind.  Our vision for a remodel is to blend new with old and stay with the era of the home.  Teresa, the previous owner, had lived in this house for nearly 25 years with her husband and family.  She loved the kitchen cabinets, that’s what sold her on the house, which I love!  She also left us the original house plans and all of the manuals for each piece of equipment.  That just tells me how much they cared and maintained this solid property.  We can wait to get this home updated for the next family to create history in!

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN 55423 Front Entrance Remodel

Front Entrance

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN 55423 Yard Sign

Yard Sign Going Up Tomorrow

The sign is going up tomorrow!  Everyone can stay up to date on the remodel by visiting www.6628oliver.com.

Oh the indoor/outdoor carpeting is so quintessential with the metal awnings.  I’m sorry to whoever invented indoor/outdoor carpeting, but it all must go!  We are going to bring this front entrance back to life!

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN kitchen remodel


6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN 55423 Livingroom Remodel

Living Room

Here are the cabinets, which really were inventive for the era they were installed in with the curved cabinets and countertops to match.  Unfortunately, it’s time to update them, but we may use them in the basement somewhere.  The plush wall to wall white carpeting is really quite cozy on a winter day, but there are beautiful hardwood floors under it and it’s time to bring them back to life and shine!  Don’t worry a nice area rug will keep your feet warm too.

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield remodel

Main Floor Bathroom

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN 55423 Sunroom Remodel

Sun Room

There is something about that retro pink tile floor in the main floor bathroom that I just love!  It’s in such great shape, we are debating about keeping it and updating the rest of the bathroom around it.  Oh and who doesn’t love a porch surrounded by windows?  They call this a 3 season, but it has heat vents in there – we are hoping that it doesn’t get too cold and we can use it year-round.  With a new bright paint job this will be the place you want to spend all of your time!

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN 55423 Master Bedroom Before

Bonus Room – Master

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN 55423 Master Suite Remodel

Master Bathroom

This 2nd-floor bonus room is going to make the perfect master bedroom with an attached bathroom.  This current bathroom is in need of a major remodel with a shower added.  It’s going to be beautiful!

There will be many more updates to share, but I wanted to give you a quick peek into our next remodel and all the fun we are going to have!  STAY TUNED!