We lucked out with this one!  A high school friend of my business partners grew up in this 1600 sq. ft South Minneapolis house and they wanted to sell it.  They contacted her to help get it ready to list but mentioned that it may be a good house to flip since it had great bones.  Regardless, we were there the next day!  Jenni and I had been talking about flipping houses for the past couple of years and I had just decided to go get my real estate license!  This house was a sign that we needed to pursue our dream.

Skye and Jenni at the Title Company

This house had great bones and felt solid.  The mechanicals were new, along with having been fully MAC updated (Airport sound tight) with all new windows, a/c, and insulation.  We did know that we wanted to open the kitchen wall and gut it, add a master bath upstairs, and finish the basement.  The main level bath had the charming pink tile from the 40’s and it was in great shape, so we were able to gut around it and eventually save it.  This house needed cleaning and updating to bring its original character back out!

It was so much fun to finally get into the house and start “X” ing out the walls that would be coming down! Here is Jenni and my son Oran marking up the walls that we will be removing!

We really started working on the house right before the winter holiday’s – going on month 5 now!  We hope to list it around June 15, 2018.  In March we felt like we bite of more than we could chew because the progress we made felt so minimal!  The gutting and repairing walls to move forward took a lot longer.  Arranging the plumbers, the electricians, the flooring company, etc. Is a huge game!  But here we are only about a month to go and it is finally feeling like things are coming together nicely.  Surprisingly we are right on budget, which is amazing for our 1st one!

Jenni and I both love design and making things different than your normal flip, so we have incorporated a many custom finishing details to our designs such as; a custom metal wine rack and shelf in the kitchen, custom tile choices in both bathrooms, enlarged fireplace hearth and new tile, outdeco panels to add a design to the bar, and a custom metal wall and railings going down to the basement.  I am so excited about each of these things and believe that they will make this house stand out compared to others on the market.

I feel really good about this flip and its potential for when it’s ready to hit the market! I will add the final images in the next few weeks when it’s ready to be listed. YAY!!