Last week is a blur, so I apologize, I am a little behind on my staging post!  Of course, like any construction project we were working on the house up until late Friday night.  We made it through a hectic week and weekend of cleaning (and more cleaning), staging, cleaning windows, getting the listing live on MLS, and a crazy successful Open House on Sunday!  These projects become such a labor of love, but man I was so happy to see 3pm on Sunday after the open house.  We had a ton of great feedback, which is always reassuring.  I am proud of what my team has accomplished over the past four months – though it feels like we started this project a year ago!  The most exciting part is that we received multiple offers and we accepted one!

Staging helps sell homes.  With this property I used my personal furniture and accessories from my own home.  It saved me thousands of  dollars.  The only downside is enlisting help with moving all the furniture in and then back out again.  My kids walked into our home after school and asked if we were robbed!

We moved from a small South Minneapolis house that was only 1500 square feet to a 3000 square foot house a couple of years ago.  We still need furniture and art, so each time I stage I tend to buy a few pieces that we can use in our own home.

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Livingroom Before Skye McLoughlin

Welcome to all the furniture being dropped off and now it’s time for it to be placed!

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Diningroom Before Skye McLoughlin

I hadn’t started hanging art yet, just trying to figure out what will look good where.

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Diningroom After with Bright art Skye McLoughlin

We went back and forth with where to hang the big colorful print.  Spaciously it felt the best by the blue dining chairs.

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Metal Trees Wall Art Skye McLoughlin

This year I found some interesting art at Home Goods.  I thought these were a cool pair of metal trees that would work in 6628 Oliver and my own home.

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Fireplace and Chairs After Skye McLoughlin

They ended up looking great above the fireplace.

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Entryway Before Skye McLoughlin

I really thought this desk would fit nicely along the open wall in the entryway, but nope, it felt big and awkward.  You can only visualize correctly “most” of the time.

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Entryway Complete Skye McLoughlin

So much better!  I found this cool palm branch image at Home Goods as well.  The colors spoke to me.  If you can’t tell I love a good pop of color!

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Target Tables Skye McLoughlin

A few more new purchase I found at Target.  My daughter has been asking for bedside table since we bought her a “real” bed a few years ago. Oops!  Well, now she has a very cute pair coming her way, hopefully in a month!

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Master Bedroom After Skye McLoughlin

They look pretty stinking cute next to this bed frame I bought to use in the next house I stage!  Stagers secret…  use a blow up bed as the mattress.  It really saves you the stress of moving mattresses!

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging 4-season porch after Skye McLoughlin

The colorful Target table paired well with my orange couch in the four season porch!

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Staging Black Kitchen After Skye McLoughlin

I’m so proud of how the kitchen came out.  The tile behind the stove adds a nice pop of color, but not too overwhelming.  I purposely didn’t want cabinetry or shelving over the stove to keep it feeling very light and airy.  Don’t worry there is still a lower cabinet built to hold a microwave oven (who wants to see those anyway?)

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN Basement Game Room Shuffle Board After Skye McLoughlin

As you know when I found this shuffleboard linoleum floor underneath the existing carpeting, I had to keep it for the next owner.  I even found shuffleboard sticks to play with!  The next owner can cover it easily with carpet, but it’s such a piece of history of this house!

Before and after Front Door

Picking a front door color is a lot of pressure, especially when you are dealing with a yellow brick.  I first had a bright coral color picked out, but then I found this calming color called “Downing Slate”.  It felt more modern and went with the interior colors I choose.  So I ran with it.  We also removed the green carpeting and took down the awning, which opened up the space quite a bit.

6628 Oliver Ave So Richfield MN For Sale Sign Skye McLoughlin

The day I hung the “For Sale” sign it was a warm breezy day.  6628 Oliver felt ready to invite a new family to come in and start making memories of their own.  I can’t wait to welcome a new family to this great house and neighborhood!